When a Victorian silversmith, engraver, or artist sought after a first class layout, he went to Knight’s Scroll Ornaments which remained all over the 19th century as one of the crucial most appropriate layout assets to be had. F. Knight was once a grasp of the Victorian engraving. His florid Embellishes had been to turn out to be the hallmark of Victorian layout. He captured the Victorian love of the problematic, the improbable, the extravagant with blank traces, shading, and 3-dimensional results.
Scroll Embellishes of the Early Victorian Length contains 71 steel-engraved designs: borders, frames, scrolls, cartouches, arches, corners, crests in various shapes and sizes. There are floral motifs: leaves, plant life, vines, wreaths ― all in ever-spreading and overflowing swirls. There are interlocking styles of circles, rococo extravaganzas, implausible curlicues. And there also are lions, serpents, cherubs, fruit, vultures, legendary beasts, at the side of gruesome Embellishes and heads, a fox hunt, and guy grappling with imaginary beasts.
If you wish to have problematic Victorian scrollwork for a poster or an advert, a body with cupids for a e book quilt, or Victorian designs for bookplates or playing cards, you’ll to find all of this subject material and a lot more on this wealthy assortment overflowing with exceptional Victorian Embellishes.