You should not have to be a genius to create those creative units, you simply want rubber bands, glue, paperclips, and Rubber Band Engineer, in fact.

Taking pictures a ways, flying top, and handing over far more fun effects than anticipated are the objectives of the devices in Rubber Band Engineer. Uncover sudden how you can turn commonplace fabrics into cunning contraptions that vary from unusually easy to interestingly advanced. 

In shiny colour pictures, you’ll be able to be guided on create slingshot rockets, unique catapults, or even hydraulic-powered machines. Whether or not you construct one or all 19 of those designs, you’ll be able to really feel like an creative engineer when you are via. Best possible of all, you do not wish to be an skilled tinkerer to make any of the tasks! All you want are family gear and fabrics, akin to paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers, and ice pop sticks.

Oh, and rubber bands. Lots of rubber bands.

Grab your glue gun, pull out your pliers, monitor down your tape, and get began at the difficult, amusing, and profitable adventure towards turning into a rubber band engineer.