This hard|This tough|This tough}, robust|powerful|strong} tape comes off the roll simply|merely} and easily|simply}} with out a|with out a|and now not the use of a|without a} slivering or splitting. This tape additionally|moreover} provides|provides|provides|provides|delivers|may give|will provide you with|guarantees} a easy|blank|simple} and quiet unwind, and whilst|even as|while} it quietly unwinds off the roll and onto your package deal|package deal} deal|package deal}, it remains|continues to be} onkeeping your package deal|package deal} deal|package deal} securely sealed.
price|value|value} %.|%|%} with tape black dispenser.
Tape and C38 Dispenser.
Matte-end|finish} tape turns into|becomes} invisible whilst|even as|while} carried out|applied|performed} to floor|flooring}.
Tape accepts ballpoint pen, pencil or marker.
Black dispenser holds half of|part|part of} in and three|and 3}/four|4} in extensive|in depth|massive} tape as much as|up to} 1,500 in lengthy|long}.