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This collection is a part of Scholastic’s early bankruptcy ebook line, Branches, geared toward newly unbiased readers. With simple-to-learn textual content, prime-pastime content material, fast paced plots, and illustrations on each web page, those books will spice up studying trust and stamina. Branches books lend a hand readers Develop!

Uh-oh, Tremendous Rabbit Boy is in large bother. He is been abducted through Queen Spooky and her ghost troop! With out Tremendous Rabbit Boy, Animal The city is scared. So meanie King Viking creates Robo-Rabbit Boy to lend a hand. Robo-Rabbit Boy is rapid like Tremendous Rabbit Boy and robust like Tremendous Rabbit Boy, however is he a hero like Tremendous Rabbit Boy? This up to date Press Get started! journey is totally charged!

With complete-colour artwork through Thomas Flintham!