Winner of the Nationwide E book Critics Circle Award for Complaint and the Mark Lynton Historical past Prize

Through The tale of the pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge, the creator of Memories of My Nonexistence explores what it used to be approximately California within the overdue nineteenth-century that enabled it to transform the sort of heart of technological and cultural innovation

The global as we are aware of it nowadays started in California within the overdue 1800s, and Eadweard Muybridge had so much to do with it. This hanging statement is at the center of Rebecca Solnit’s new E book, which weaves in combination biography, Historical past, and engaging insights into artwork and era to create a boldly unique portrait of The us at the threshold of modernity. The tale of Muybridge—who in 1872 succeeded in shooting prime-pace movement photographically—turns into a lens for a bigger tale concerning the acceleration and industrialization of on a regular basis existence. Solnit displays how the abnormal freedoms and possibilities of submit–Civil Struggle California led in an instant to the 2 industries—Hollywood and Silicon Valley—that experience such a lot powerfully outlined recent society.