Quantum computer systems are poised to kick-get started a brand new computing revolution—and you’ll sign up for in very quickly. For those who’re in tool engineering, pc photos, knowledge technology, or simply an intrigued computerphile, this ebook supplies a fingers-on programmer’s information to working out quantum computing. Slightly than hard work via math and thought, you’ll paintings straight away with examples that show this generation’s distinctive functions.

Quantum computing experts Eric Johnston, Nic Harrigan, and Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia display you find out how to construct the talents, gear, and instinct required to write down quantum techniques on the middle of programs. You’ll consider what quantum computer systems can do and learn to determine the sorts of issues they are able to remedy.

This ebook comprises 3 multichapter sections:

  • Programming for a QPU—Discover middle ideas for programming quantum processing gadgets, together with find out how to describe and manage qubits and find out how to carry out quantum teleportation.
  • QPU Primitives—Be informed algorithmic primitives and strategies, together with amplitude amplification, the Quantum Fourier Become, and segment estimation.
  • QPU Applications—Look into how QPU primitives are used to construct current programs, together with quantum seek ways and Shor’s factoring set of rules.