The entire|All the} global|world|world} is aware of|is acutely aware of} that Superman fights for fact|truth|fact} and justice…however|on the other hand} why does he?  What drives a farmboy from Kansas to divide his existence|existence|life} among|amongst} posing as a light|a mild|a gradual}-mannered reporter and embarking on a occupation|occupation|career} as a great|a super|a great|a in point of fact best|a super|a very good}-hero?

Superman: Birthright tells the fun|amusing|stress-free} starting|starting position|starting|basis} of The Guy|Man} of Metal|Steel}, incorporating his huge|large} and colourful|vibrant} legend right into a|proper right into a}} emblem|brand|logo}-new epic story|tale}…a combat|battle|battle|battle} to save lots of|to save lots of} a variety of|to save some} each|each and every} the legacy of Krypton and the way forward for|the future of} City|Town}!

This extent|amount|quantity} collects Superman: Birthright #1-12.