Discover the magic of pen-ink-watercolor on this information packed with distinctive pointers and directions.

Are you a amateur in sketching? Or are you a sketcher having a look to infuse for colourful magic for your illustrations?

Do you assume that the typical artwork guideline e-book omits too many steps in explaining the representation ways?

Then this e-book is for you.

Why mix pen, inks and watercolor for illustrations?

Pen and ink are the correct gear to create thoughts-blowing textures and contrasts in illustrations.

Watercolor portray is interesting for the Fascinating results it creates however infamous for its unpredictability.

When pen, ink and watercolor are blended in a demonstration, magic occurs!

In this e-book, we will be able to learn to create this magic of texture, distinction and bright colours.

What will you be told on this e-book?

– Pen shading ways like hatching, go-hatching, contour shading, stippling, and scribbling.

– Acrylic ink shading ways.

– Rainy and dry brush ways for watercolor/ink.

– Fabrics used for pen-ink-watercolor portray. Those come with the traditional Fabrics in addition to a few ‘unique’ Fabrics (comparable to desk salt and toothbrush!) for Developing distinctive results.

– Developing textures the use of quite a lot of shading ways in addition to other Fabrics.

Of direction, the actual finding out occurs through doing, now not simply studying.

So, we will be able to put in force the entire shading ways and the comb ways into ten step by step demonstrations.

Each demonstration will educate you the right way to do the preliminary tough pencil cartoon, line paintings the use of pens, and coloring.

The ten step by step demonstrations will duvet the next subjects:

A Area and a Gentle Pole
We will get started with this pretty monochrome representation the use of pens and black acrylic ink.

Wood and Rusted Steel Texture
We will learn to create beautiful textures the use of pens, ink and watercolor on this workout.

An Vintage DP (Distribution Element) Box
We will find out how a apparently boring and mundane matter can be utilized for an attractive representation. Additionally, textures, textures!!

A Piece of Vintage Deserted Machinery
Even an unpleasant matter can be utilized as concept to attract an attractive representation.

The Door
We will use to seize the facility of wood textures and the allure of the Vintage Area on this representation.

A Stairway to Heaven
We will learn to simplify a apparently difficult matter comparable to Those curvy stairs.

A Fascinating Little Lane
We will find out how a few rustic and subdued colour combos can be utilized to nice impact.

Wall of an Vintage House
We will see the right way to ‘cheat’ our approach to create an attractive representation from a gray and miserable matter.

A Stone Temple
We will find out how a colourful representation can also be painted the use of an overly restricted colour palette.

Buildings in Ladakh
We will learn to declutter a apparently overwhelming matter and to create a ‘really feel’ of a scene.