The 2d in Richmond Hobson’s cherished a trilogy, Nothing Too Excellent for a Cowboy, maintains the journey of farm animals ranchers Wealthy and Pan.
     This is a tale of trouble and staying power–of farm animals drives, frozen faces, and marauding wolf packs. It’s the tale of the cowboy way of living–the starry nights and mountain air. And It’s the tale and thriller of the creator’s routine imaginative and prescient of the blonde dream lady who broke into his solitary lifestyles.
     Wealthy Hobson and his trade spouse, Panhandle “Pan” Phillips, have based themselves in British Columbia’s wild inside as a hit farm animals ranchers. However their abilities are approximately to be positioned to without equal check as a harsh iciness arrives–and so does the Nice White North’s front into the 2d International Conflict. With insupportable climate stipulations and a scarcity of provides, Wealthy and Pan should pull out the entire stops in an effort to make sure that the survival of themselves and their livelihood.
     From the prestigious creator of Grass Past the Mountains comes a real journey tale, informed via a herbal rancher, pioneer, and storyteller.