This energetic advent to the interesting international of technology explores the different forms of technology, what scientists do, and the fantastic issues that scientists have a look at: animals and crops; oceans and area; earthquakes and volcanoes; sound and lightweight; innovations and extra!

Make positive youngsters’ first enjoy of the wonders of technology is an exciting eye-opener with this Amusing reference ebook. Amusing actions, video games, and easy experiments inspire interactive finding out, appearing youngsters that anybody can use clinical commentary and experimentation to be a scientist and uncover new issues. With shiny photographs and age-suitable textual content, this ebook evokes youngsters to be curious, ask questions, and discover the arena round them and perhaps even develop as much as be a scientist at some point, too! Subjects come with astronomy, botany, paleontology, malacology (that is the technology of clams, snails, and different animals with shells!), zoology, and extra.