This E book comprises all of the contents of 4 effective volumes of monogram and allied Units revealed among 1830 and 1881. Over 2,500 monogrammatic and alphabetic designs are displayed in plates from “Dictionnaire du Chiffre-monogramme,” and so on., by means of Charles Demengeot (1881); “Monograms and Ciphers,” by means of H. Renoir (1870–seventy four); “Knight’s New E book of Seven Hundred & Fifty 8 Undeniable, Ornamented & Reversed Cyphers” (1830); and “Monograms in 3 and 4 Letters,” by means of J. Gordon Smith (n.d.).
There are monograms in each and every -letter mixture and in depth picks of 3 and 4 letters; title Units (“Alice,” “Theodore,” and so on.), crowns, crests, coats of hands and helmets. There are heavy, intricately entwined monograms that seem as even though engraved on steel; lighter, thick-and-skinny script types; fanciful and formal designs; monograms in circles, ovals, sq. shapes, and loose define; and an incredible number of letter types, together with many designed for the specific tool.
A awesome characteristic of this extent is the Index of Monograms and Ciphers, list alphabetically each and every letter mixture proven and the web page or pages on which each seems (“S W”, for instance, is drawn in 3 other types; “A L” in 5; however “F N H W” in just one); and an Index of Names and Units. Each options upload a great deal to the usefulness of the E book. Importantly, each and every tool proven could also be reproduced by means of the buyer without spending a dime.
Artists, designers, engravers, and craftspeople will in finding this E book a prolific supply of suggestion and bizarre types; typographers, calligraphers, draftspeople , and scholars will use it as an assist in developing their very own letter designs; whilst the ones within the printing, publishing, promoting, and allied fields will name upon it on every occasion a particular monogram or ornament is wanted.