Learn to make use of Coloured pencils and watercolor pencils to create colourful, enjoyable artistic endeavors!

Modern Coloured Pencil delves into all of the elementary ways and ideas required to create recent, colourful works of coloured pencil art. Proficient artist Chelsea Ward takes you on a full of life, easy-to-apply exploration of coloured pencils on this ebook, that is full of inventive workouts and tasks designed to turn you the best way to paintings with the flexible, approachable Coloured pencil medium.

The Modern series of books provides a a laugh, latest way to running with conventional artwork media, demonstrating that with the fitting form of guideline, encouragement, and pointers, drawing and portray luck will also be completed by means of any artist or inventive kind. Modern Coloured Pencil starts with a temporary introduction to more than a few tools, reminiscent of pencils (together with Coloured pencils, graphite pencils, and watercolor pencils), papers, and different equipment. This to hand ebook additionally demonstrates ceaselessly-difficult ideas, reminiscent of color mixing, shading, texture, and extra, in a very simple, approachable approach. Upon getting a deal with at the fundamentals, discover the best way to create dynamic colour palettes, use elementary shapes and methods to render a spread of topics, and create more than a few marks and textures.

From stunning florals and nature motifs to animals and everyday items, Modern Coloured Pencil supplies a recent, latest, and relaxing way to studying the best way to create vibrant {artpaintings|art work} in Coloured pencil.