A Publishers Weekly Easiest Guide of 2019

Why will we make issues by way of hand? And why will we cause them to gorgeous?
 Led by way of the query of why running with our palms is still important and useful within the up to date global, creator and maker Melanie Falick went on a transformative, inspiring adventure. Touring throughout continents, she met quilters and potters, weavers and painters, metalsmiths, printmakers, woodworkers, and extra, and exposed truths which have been chatting with us for millennia but really feel urgently related as of late: We make so as to decelerate. To hook up with others. To precise concepts and feelings, really feel capable, create one thing tangible and lengthy-lasting. And to feed the soul. In revealing tales and beautiful unique images, Making a Life captures all of the pleasure of constructing and the facility it has to present our lives authenticity and that means.