This fantastically produced extent is devoted to the brand new number of top jewellery from Cartier.

The uncommon and audacious affiliation of valuable and fantastic gem stones–like amazonite greater with diamonds or rubies, or an opal matrix paired with sapphires–creates hanging combos that shape the basis for a unique way in top jewellery. This interest for the endless variety of stones and singular fabrics has been elementary at Cartier for the reason that area’s inception. Such amalgamations generate an surprising discussion among contrasting components–the tough with the decorative, mineral with landscaped, daring colours with converting nuances, earth with cosmos.

This exquisitely crafted extent–that includes difficult manufacturing features together with more than one paper shares, Swiss binding, an insert, and illustrations from the ateliers–celebrates the pioneering spirit of Cartier, its creativity, and the unexpected wonderful thing about the stones.