“A tale of excruciating energy.”—The New York Times
The vintage, bestselling biographical novel of Vincent Van Gogh
For the reason that its preliminary newsletter in 1934, Irving Stone’s Lust for Existence has been a vital good fortune, a multimillion-replica bestseller, and the root for an Academy Award-successful film.
Probably the most well-known of all of Stone’s novels, it’s the tale of Vincent Van Gogh—sensible painter, passionate lover, and alleged madman. Here’s his tempestuous tale: his dramatic Existence, his fevered loves for each the best possible-born girls and the bottom prostitutes, and his artwork—for which he used to be damned sooner than being proclaimed a genius. The unconventional takes us from his determined days in a coal mine in southern Belgium to his fantastic years within the south of France, the place he knew Probably the most sensible artists (and Probably the most wicked whores). In spite of everything, it displays us Van Gogh pushed mad, tragic, and effective directly. No different novel of a perfect guy’s Existence has so interested the American public for generations.