Unmatched in his ingenuity, technical prowess, and interest, Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) epitomizes the humanistic perfect of the Renaissance Guy: a peerless grasp of portray, sculpture, cartography, anatomy, structure―and extra. Concurrently charming artwork historians, creditors, and the hundreds of thousands who flock every year to recognize his works, Leonardo’s attraction is as diffuse as have been his preoccupations. His photographs permeate just about every side of Western tradition―The Vitruvian Guy is engraved into hundreds of thousands of Euro cash, The Ultimate Supper is regarded as the only so much reproduced non secular portray in historical past, and the Mona Lisa has entranced numerous artists and observers for hundreds of years.

On the instance of the five hundredth anniversary of his loss of life, this up to date variation of our XL identify is an unmatched survey of Leonardo’s lifestyles and paintings, together with a list raisonné encompassing each his surviving and misplaced {artwork paintings}. Thru shocking complete-bleed main points, we revel in every measured brushstroke, every a testomony to Leonardo’s masterful talent.

An expansive catalog of just about 700 of Leonardo’s drawings additional illuminates the breadth of his interests. From diagrams of intricately engineered machines to photos of plump babies, they stand reflective of his boundless and visionary technical creativeness, balanced with a delicate and perceptive hand, able to rendering quotidian moments with transferring emotional timbre.

Also integrated is a brand new foreword via Frank Zöllner, elevated solely for this different variation, which dissects the recent medical trends on Leonardo’s paintings and the tale at the back of the haunting Salvator Mundi, which lately fetched a file-breaking $ 450 million at public sale.