Every undertaking software creates information, whether or not it’s log messages, metrics, consumer task, outgoing messages, or one thing else. And transfer all of this information turns into just about as essential as the information itself. In the event you’re an software architect, developer, or manufacturing engineer new to Apache Kafka, this sensible information displays you use this open supply streaming platform to deal with actual-time information feeds.

Engineers from Confluent and LinkedIn who’re answerable for creating Kafka provide an explanation for installation manufacturing Kafka clusters, write dependable experience-pushed microservices, and construct scalable circulation-processing programs with this platform. Via special examples, you’ll be told Kafka’s layout ideas, reliability promises, key APIs, and structure main points, together with the replication protocol, the controller, and the garage layer.

  • Understand put up-subscribe messaging and the way it suits within the large information environment.
  • Explore Kafka manufacturers and shoppers for writing and studying messages
  • Understand Kafka styles and use-case necessities to make sure dependable information delivery
  • Get perfect practices for development information pipelines and programs with Kafka
  • Manage Kafka in manufacturing, and learn how to carry out tracking, tuning, and upkeep tasks
  • Learn probably the most vital metrics amongst Kafka’s operational measurements
  • Explore how Kafka’s circulation supply functions make it a great supply for circulation processing systems