Celebrating 80 years of Chanel jewellery from the enduring 1932 designs to the brand new 2012 anniversary collection

Coco Chanel’s hobby for fantastic jewels, for outstanding stones, and for unbelievable marvels produced items that have been unprecedented of their insistence on luxurious and refinement. Drawing suggestion from custom, Chanel was once by no means the slave of on a regular basis formulation or marketplace values. But she reinvented custom in essentially the most arresting and brand new jewellery items, according to her love of colour and her confident command of austere classical attractiveness. Chanel was once a creature of contrasts: there was once the Chanel of luxurious baroque, of rococo mirrors and wonderful, playful, unrestrained jewellery; and there was once the Chanel of the maximum restraint, of classicism a los angeles française. Out of this discussion among ostentation and austerity, the jewellery that Chanel created during her lengthy profession has been celebrated in lots of revivals of her outstanding style. From the direct re-creations of the 1932 Assortment to the latest interpretations of comets and stars, plumes and feathers, and Chanel’s signature flower, the camellia, this e-book is right to the spirit of her endeavor. Vintage pictures from the information mix with fun new images to convey vintage and new in combination. 260 illustrations in colour and black and white