Just say “no” to piles of sticky notes along with your passwords and logins!

A well timed and useful useful resource within the “Age of the Hacker.” This crucial computing device keeps your own and fiscal protection. Document the essentially advanced passwords and person log-in names required to thwart hackers.

This time- and headache-saving logbook has a lot of tabbed alphabetical pages to make taking a look up a web site cope with–and its corresponding log-in(s) and password(s) – simple to regulate. It suits inside a handbag or briefcase, if you want to take it with you. Every access has more than one places to notice new/converting log-ins or passwords, a few notes approximately developing person names and passwords, Web protection guidelines, places to Document tool and hardware license numbers, house and industry community settings, and extra.

For without equal in on-line protection, observe the following tips:

— Put out of your mind the dictionary.

— By no means use the similar password two times.

— The longer your password, the longer it’s going to take to crack.

— Simply “jam” for your keyboard to create a wholly random password.

— Retailer your password off the pc.

With this guide, create and stay distinctive and hard passwords and log-in names without difficulty!