The e book incorporates common descriptions approximately options of museum layout in addition to a abstract of challenge layout procedure which used to be decided on and rewrote from M.A. thesis of the scholars. The e book is include motives approximately strategies and layout parts of areas akin to museums, cultural facilities and initiatives with issues like virtual museum, kids museum and lawn, artwork museum, track museum, theatre and systems like parasite pier and bridge. In the meantime one of the most salient options of the e book is that it gives new concepts approximately facade layout and samples in accordance with Iranian and Islamic styles for areas like museums and showing areas. Taking advantage of layout procedure and being bounded to it, very similar to different books, is in point of fact vital for me on this e book, too. As it’s noticed within the initiatives, conceptual sketches play vital position on this procedure. “Conceptual caricature” level is said to embodiment of concepts and feelings shaped in architectural imaginations. Then again, they aren’t sufficiently transparent and the sketches assist them to precise themselves higher. Conceptual sketches of those initiatives aren’t simply restricted to handbook layout; moderately they’re offered as 3-D fashions in laptop or volumetric works the usage of 3-D pens or prints. At this level, there’s a traverse among handbook sketches and modeling. The sketches are modeled with a brand new viewpoint or designed in accordance with 3-D fashions to counterpoint their extent or area. This traverse which is considered a transversal motion all through the layout procedure is of different significance. I name it “interplay among layout and laptop”. This e book is a tool-aided layout follow making an attempt to succeed in a greater belief and popularity of Iranian structure and up to date achievements of western architects. In reality, the e book demonstrates the method of transition from handbook to virtual layout in a rustic which used to be a ways from so much tool and technological progresses in addition to very important trainings. An enterprise to stay % with world layout pulse and its coaching!