After being given a terminal prognosis with just a few weeks to are living, Jane threw herself into analysis. Already medically a professional as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Jane dug up analysis, a few many years vintage, in her quest to live to tell the tale. Quite than aiming to remedy most cancers, which in lots of instances is unachievable, Jane�s means used to be to prevent it rising. Remarkably her means now not best stopped it rising, it disappeared altogether. There at the moment are clinics following her protocol, reaching exceptional successes. This ebook is a recreation-converting new crack of dawn within the Remedy of most cancers.

Not only a web page-turning inspirational learn, Jane�s exceptional existence tale is how she found out a novel cocktail of off label medication (medication on a regular basis prescribed for different stipulations) and dietary supplements that successfully starve the most cancers stem cellular telephone, the cellular telephone left in the back of by way of standard Remedy and why most cancers is deemed incurable. Remedy for the stem cellular telephone is hailed because the Holy Grail, so this ebook plugs the lacking piece into why we wouldn’t have a remedy for most cancers. Lead most cancers researchers at best oncology facilities at the moment are the use of this ebook to research those affordable low toxicity medication (Pharma has no pastime) and Jane has an enormous following of hundreds on Fb who use her �Metro Map�. Testimonials abound from satisfied and thrilled sufferers and Nationwide press, TV and radio have already coated Jane�s floor-breaking analysis.