Resin jewelry first began in the USA round 6 years in the past and has now change into some of the quickest-rising tendencies in jewelry making. The method could be very simple you merely combine the 2-section resin in combination and pour right into a bezel or pendant. Earrings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, hairpins and bracelets are all simple to make and glance extremely skilled while performed. 

In this inspiring e book, well known crafter Sara Naumann presentations you simply how simple and fast resin jewelry is to make, the use of minimum apparatus and effortlessly to be had merchandise, and offers over 50 amazing tasks for you to check out. You’ll upload a large number of items to the resin to succeed in other results. You’ll position paper within the bezels to behave as a history to the resin similar to antique e book paper, map paper, scrapbook paper and pictures. Paper can be painted, stencilled, or layered with washi tape earlier than being covered with resin. Take a look at sheet tune for a antique vibe, or origami papers for a recent, up to date glance. 

In addition, You’ll additionally immerse quite a lot of items within the resin earlier than it remedies, similar to dried plant life and leaves, feathers, shells, beads and charms, or Take a look at including glitter, colored inks, nail polish and just about the rest You’ll bring to mind. 

The versatility of resin jewelry is awe-inspiring, offering papercrafters in addition to jewelry-makers with the entire abilities and idea they wish to layout and make their very own shocking items.