Master builder Louie Frazier’s Jap-taste pole space in Northern California, handy on a 500″ cable throughout a river / Ian MacLeod’s handbuilt stone space in South Africa, the place baboons leap at the roof at evening / Ma Web page’s bottle space within the Nevada wasteland / artist Michael Kahn’s semi-subterranean sculptural ivillage in Arizona / Invoice and Athena Steen’s strawbale homes / Ianto Evans’ cob homes in Oregon / the Archlibre crew of countercultural developers within the French Pyrenees / Invoice Coperthwaite’s impressive three-tale yurt within the Maine woods / Invoice Fort’s finely-crafted log house and sauna within the NY Appalachians / a commune within the Tennesee mountains / the “Flying Concrete” brothers in Mexico and their a ways-out sculptural systems / Barns in California, Washington, and Connecticut / Picture-essays of Lloyd Kahn’s journeys to Nevada, the Mississippi Delta, Costa Rica, Nova Scotia, and Baja California / Footage of homes in all places the sector via photographers Yoshio Komatsu and Kevin Kelly + extra, so much extra. . .I am getting excited simply record these items! -LK

PS SHELTER, it seems , had an immense affect on developers, and incorporated are homes our 1973 e-book impressed, so that is in point of fact a sequel.