While the solar is going down and the lighting activate, London s Heathrow Airport comes alive. The crossroads of the arena turns into extra magical, extra atmospheric, extra gorgeous. Vin Guy, creator of social media s LHR:airside, works rampside at Heathrow, at all times with a digital camera with reference to hand to create this surprising album of airliner snap shots. This ebook brings rampside existence on the world s so much well-known world airport into center of attention, with over 150 surprising pictures of the airways after darkish international airline megabrands and difficult to understand names from small international locations facet by way of facet with VIP head of state luxurious liners and load haulers. The ebook contains an introductory essay by way of aviation creator and Heathrow native Charles Kennedy, creator of Jetliners Of The Pink Celebrity. Layout is a unmarried merchandise, limp binding Panorama orientation Product dimensions: 245mm x 135mm x 18mm Collection of pictures = one hundred fifty