A complete, complete-colour compendium of the important thing characters in all 8 of the Harry Potter motion pictures, full of by no means-earlier than-observed pictures and illustrations, masking the costumes, make-up, weaponry, and at the back of-the-scenes tale that introduced every character memorably to lifestyles on the massive display.

Harry Potter: The Personality Vault provides enthusiasts a deeper have a look at the inventive building of the characters presented within the books and dropped at lifestyles within the theatrical collection. Jody Revenson brings you nearer to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the scholars and college at Hogwarts, the bureaucrats on the Ministry of Magic, the Triwizard Match competition, the wizarding global households, and the darkish forces in opposition to them.

Each profile within the ebook comprises layout sketches and unit pictures showcasing the costumes of every Personality, together with a picture of his or her wand, and different iconic props particular to the characters—brooms, Harry’s invisibility cloak, Mad-Eye Moody’s eye and prosthetic leg, and extra. Uncover how Quidditch tools and Hogwarts’ gowns subtly modified because the characters grew up, Uncover the fad and artistry at the back of the Weasley taste, the Yuletide Ball attire and gowns, Slug Membership celebration put on, and Loss of life Eater mask and costumes.

Interweaving interviews with the unique results professionals, dress designers, make-up artists and the solid, Jody Revenson displays enthusiasts how the magic occurs, revealing the original filming tactics used to modify explicit characters’ sizes, akin to an immense Hagrid and Madame Maxime, in addition to unique make-up techniques that created the glance of Harry’s Stinging Hex and Peter Pettigrew’s rat-like visage. Featured during are exciting profiles of the unique make-up results artists who percentage probably the most memorable results they’ve used to turn out to be bizarre actors into their unusual fictional opposite numbers.

Harry Potter: The Personality Vault is your unique all-get right of entry to cross into the inventive strategy of the biggest movie franchise of all time, and springs entire with unique detachable options.