This e book revealed in 2017 for an in advance model of ArcGIS Professional; downloadable complement to be had for ArcGIS Professional 2.4 right here: book&identity=39

GIS Instructional 1 for ArcGIS® Professional: A Platform Workbook is an introductory textual content for finding out ArcGIS Professional, the most suitable skilled personal computer GIS utility. In-intensity workout routines that use ArcGIS Professional, ArcGIS On-line, and different ArcGIS apps characteristic the recent GIS era to turn readers how one can make maps, how one can create and examine spatial information, and how one can handle programs with GIS. Incorporating confirmed educating strategies in targeted workout routines, “Your Flip” sections, and improved homework assignments, this e book is suited for finding out GIS in a study room. Wilpen L. Gorr and Kristen S. Kurland have written the highest-promoting GIS Instructional 1: Fundamental Workbook, GIS Instructional for Health, and GIS Instructional for Crime Analysis.

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This e book revealed in 2017 for an in advance model of ArcGIS Professional. A complement in line with ArcGIS Professional 2.4 that can assist you whole workout routines within the e book could also be to be had at the e book tools web page. A brand new {model|variation|adaptation|edition} is anticipated in Fall 2020 for the recent model of ArcGIS Professional.