This instructional-taste e book follows upon Occupytheweb’s Easiest Promoting “Linux Fundamentals for Hackers” and takes the reader alongside the next move to changing into a Grasp Hacker. Occupytheweb provides his distinctive taste to steer the reader in the course of the quite a lot of professions The place hackers are in prime call for (cyber intelligence, pentesting, trojan horse bounty, cyber conflict, and plenty of others) and provides the viewpoint of the historical past of hacking and its criminal framework. This e book then courses the reader in the course of the crucial talents and equipment earlier than providing step by step tutorials of the crucial equipment and methods of the hacker together with; reconnaissance, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, Metasploit 5, antivirus evasion, overlaying your tracks, Python, and social engineering. The place the reader would possibly need a deeper figuring out of a specific topic, there are hyperlinks to extra in-intensity articles on a specific topic. Via the use of the NSA’s EternalBlue malware as a case observe, Grasp OTW supplies a contemporary and distinctive method to figuring out malware and hacking. On this means, the reader is given a glimpse into one in every of historical past’s such a lot devastating items of malware from the vulnerability, exploitation, packet-stage research and opposite-engineering Python viewpoint. This component of the e book will have to be enlightening for each the beginner and the complicated practitioner. Grasp OTW does not simply supply equipment and methods, however somewhat he supplies distinctive insights into the attitude and strategic pondering of the hacker. This can be a will have to-learn for any individual taking into consideration a profession in cybersecurity!