This product provides|supplies} an excellent|a great|a super|an ideal|a actually very best|a very good} worth|price|value}
Objective|Purpose|Serve as|Function} of use for caulk & sealants, silicone-adhesives
Synthetic|Artificial} in the US|the united states|the us|the United States}
Offer protection to|Protect|Protect} and seal with one hundred|one hundred}}% silicone rubber
Water-resistant|Water-resistant|Water-proof|Water-proof}, weatherproof, may not|may not|won’t} crack, Collapse|Fall aside|Crumble|Cave in} or dry out
Meets Fed. Spec TT-S-001543A, elegance|magnificence|class} A
Meets necessities|must haves} of FDA Legislation|Legislation|Law} quantity|amount} 21 CFR 177.2600 and CID-A-A-272, Sort|Sort|Sort} IV
50 12 months|year|twelve months} sturdiness|durability} ensure|be certain that}
Schützen und Dichtung mit one hundred|one hundred}}% Silikon Gummi
Wasserdicht, wetterfest, trocknet nicht bricht, Collapse|Fall aside|Crumble|Cave in} oder aus
geheilt Dichtstoff ist schimmelresistent
Kann verwendet werden, drinnen oder draußen
Entspricht ASTM C920, Spezifikation c719, Klasse 25
one hundred|one hundred}}% ,保护和密封硅橡胶
符合 ASTM C ,规格 c719,25类
Protege y sella con caucho de silicona al 100 %.
Resistente al agua, resistente al clima, no se rompe, desmenuza ni se seca.
El sellador curado es resistente al moho.
Para uso en interiores y exteriores.
Cumple con ASTM C920, l. a.|la|l. a.} especificación C719, clase 25.
Proteja e selo com one hundred|one hundred}}% de borracha de silicone
À prova d ‘água, à prova de intempéries, não vai quebrar, se desintegram ou secam
Curada selagem é resistente a mofo
Pode ser usado em ambientes internos ou externos
Atende ASTM C920, especificação c719, Classe 25