Yuki-along his mom, who already has his lifestyles after highschool all mapped out-confronts his long run at a discern-trainer convention. To make issues worse, while Yuki remembers buried reminiscences, he turns into speechless! In the meantime, Tohru will pay a consult with to the Sohma compound so as to ensure if Kureno Sohma is actually the similar guy with whom her highest family member, Uo-chan, is in love! Love is not within the air for Isuzu and Hatsuharu, alternatively, as the 2 have damaged up. Desperately searching for one thing, Isuzu visits Shigure’s area as though pushed there, However collapses upon arrival. A surprised Tohru occurs to be at the scene, However all she will be able to do is convenience Isuzu in her ache. However Isuzu turns out to grasp all approximately Tohru preventing the Sohma curse on her personal…!?