The United States and Mexico proportion a -thousand-mile boundary the place panorama and structure conflict in a vibrant distinction {of of 2} cultures. From Aztec to Prime Tech explores the architectural long run of interdependent acquaintances who proportion a historical past, an economic system, and a panorama. After reviewing 3 key sessions in Mexico’s 3-thousand-yr-vintage architectural prior — indigenous, Spanish colonial, and brand new — city making plans pupil Lawrence A. Herzog makes a speciality of the border territories of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, specifically in California.

Through 80 black-and-white images and interviews with architects from each side of the border, this enticing e book supplies a compelling image of the way conventional Mexican structure has intersected with the postindustrial, Prime-tech city taste of america — a combination that gives a substitute for the homogenization of structure north of the world border.