The church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, often known as San Carlino, is an architectural artefact that maintains to draw A large number of hypotheses and geometric analyses making an attempt to provide an explanation for its shape and that means. A large number of investigations have tried to expose its underlying geometrical ideas, with out, on the other hand, attaining a consensus. Discovering San Carlino gifts an edited selection of views on Borromini’s well-known Baroque church from a variety of dependent and rising scholars in architectural historical past and thought, together with Werner Oechslin, Karsten Harries, Michael Hill and Lauren Jacobi among others.

This ebook provides the reader other manner of attractive with, taking part in and articulating San Carlino’s complexity, non-consensus and ambiguity. It’s exactly this type of distinctive disposition that motivates this ebook to discover more than one modes of architectural enquiry and delve into a sequence of theoretical and historiographical questions similar to: why used to be Borromini no longer in a position to put up-rationalize his structure together with his drawings? What’s San Carlino’s exemplary price, and why does it frequently engender exegetical and hermeneutic want? What’s the function of geometry in structure, in historical past and lately?

Written for researchers, scholars and postgraduate scholars in architectural historical past and thought, the ebook makes use of San Carlino as an enigmatic centering element for a suite of vital up to date voices to discover new modes of war of words and comparability.