From the mythical journalist and author of “Gonzo” journalism Hunter S. Thompson comes the bestselling important have a look at Nixon and McGovern’s 1972 presidential election.

Forty years after its authentic newsletter, Fear and Loathing at the Marketing campaign Path ’seventy two remains a cornerstone of American political journalism and one of the vital bestselling Marketing campaign books of all time. Hunter S. Thompson’s searing account of the fight for the 1972 presidency—from the Democratic primaries to the eventual showdown among George McGovern and Richard Nixon—is infused with the function wit, depth, and emotional engagement that made Thompson “the fancy apostle and avatar of gonzo journalism” (The New York Times). Hilarious, terrifying, insightful, and compulsively readable, Fear and Loathing at the Marketing campaign Path ’seventy two is an epic political journey that captures the texture of the American democratic procedure higher than some other ebook ever written.