This e book celebrates escapes from the flatlands of each paper and visual display unit, appearing very good presentations of prime-dimensional complicated information. Essentially the most layout-orientated of Edward Tufte’s books, Envisioning Data presentations maps, charts, medical shows, diagrams, pc interfaces, statistical photos and tables, stereo images, guidebooks, court shows, timetables, use of colour, a pop-up, and plenty of different superb presentations of data. The e book supplies sensible recommendation approximately how to provide an explanation for complicated subject material by way of visible approach, with odd examples as an instance the basic ideas of data presentations. Subjects come with escaping flatland, colour and data, micro/macro designs, layering and separation, small multiples, and narratives. Winner of 17 awards for layout and content material. 400 illustrations with beautiful 6- to twelve-colour printing all through. Perfect high quality layout and manufacturing.
A outstanding vary of examples for the theory of visible considering, with fantastically revealed pages. An actual deal with for all who explanation why and be informed by way of photographs. — Rudolf Arnheim