Bring a Parisian je ne sais quoi in your taste, anyplace you reside. Dress Like a Parisian is a sensible and witty information to discovering your own taste, taking suggestion from how actual Parisian girls get dressed. With non-public stylist and model blogger Aloïs Guinut as your information, you’ll be able to discover which colours, shapes and types paintings right for you, regardless of the instance. Aloïs finds Parisian taste secrets and techniques, rejects restrictive model regulations and stocks her favourite stores and types, demonstrating how you’ll be able to use model to support your persona fairly than shaping your persona to model. Within the phrases of the consumer saint of Parisian girls, Yves St. Laurent, ‘models fade, taste is everlasting.’

This e book is illustrated with images shot at the streets of Paris plus illustrations by way of acclaimed model illustrator, Judith van den Hoek, who has labored with Elle, Hermes, Fashion, Prada and Grazia.