Gustave Doré’s Romantic taste of representation, supremely ingenious and richly specific, was once preferably suited for literary topics. His wooden-engraved illustrations for John Milton’s enormous epic poem Paradise Misplaced, recounting mankind’s fall from the grace of God in the course of the paintings of Devil, have been amongst his best and such a lot dramatic works. This quantity items very good reproductions of all 50 plates drawn through Doré and engraved in his studios for the unique model of Paradise Misplaced.
Artists and artwork fanatics will to find in those pages splendid examples of the illustrator’s artwork. A few of the occasions depicted: the expulsion of Devil from heaven, Adam and Eve in Paradise, the 9-day fall of Lucifer’s legions to Hell, the Advent, the temptation of Eve, the Flood, Moses preserving up the Ten Commandments, and the fearsome creatures Milton known as “Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.”
The dreamlike, otherworldly high quality Doré continuously delivered to his paintings turns out particularly Suitable for Paradise Lost with its lofty spirit and epic occasions. Certainly, Doré’s grand perception turns out to understand completely Milton’s personal poetic model. Suitable costs from the textual content of Paradise Lost are revealed along every representation. A plot abstract of all the poem could also be incorporated.