Craft Tonic Water in environment friendly|atmosphere pleasant} bag-in-field|box} packaging
Pour off a Bar Gun, Fountain Gadget|Instrument|Gadget|Device} or house|space} carbonation {Gadget|Instrument|Device|Gadget}} (like SodaStream) at most effective|so much efficient|best possible|only|most simple} $zero|0}.03/ozoz.|oz.}
One three|3}-gal BIB pours a complete|a whole} of 18 gallons (384 x 6 {ounces|oz.|oz.|oz.|oz}servings) of in a position|ready|in a position}-to-drink Tonic Water (five|5}:1 Ratio)
Sweetened with Herbal|natural} Natural|Herbal}} Cane Sugar
Comprises|Incorporates|Incorporates} 1 FREE “QCD Connector” ($6 worth|price|value}) to attach|to connect|to glue} BIB to meting out|meting out|doling out|dispensing|doling out|allotting} {Gadget|Instrument|Device|Gadget}}