Disappointment River is a historic narrative and commute memoir that directly transports readers again to the heroic age of North American exploration and puts them in a nonetheless rugged however more and more fragile Arctic desert within the means of profound amendment. Fourteen years ahead of Lewis and Clark, Mackenzie result in to move the continent of North The united states with a crew of voyageurs and Chipewyan publications in an try to discover a industry path to the riches of the East. What he discovered used to be a river that he named “Unhappiness.” Mackenzie died considering he had failed. He used to be unsuitable.

On this guide, Brian Castner no longer simplest retells the tale of Mackenzie’s epic voyages in brilliant prose, he in my opinion retraces his travels, struggling with exhaustion, publicity, mosquitoes, white-water rapids and the specter of bears. He transports readers to a global infrequently glimpsed within the media, of tar sands, thawing permafrost, far flung indigenous villages and, on the finish, a large-open Arctic Ocean that would develop into a some distance-northern Mississippi of barges and pipelines and oil cash. What he unearths is a global that Alexander Mackenzie dreamed of however may by no means have totally imagined.