What occurs to the Global’s Greates Heroes if the arena ends?


Six hundred million other people. That is what number of fall sufferer while a mysterious techno-natural virus is unleased on Earth. 600 million inflamed. 600 million become senseless, rampaging killers bend on loss of life and destruction.
And That is only the start.

Cities. Countries. Undersea kingdoms and paradise islands. One at a time, they fall to the immense hordes. Now simplest Superman, Batman, Surprise Lady, and the remainder of the Justice League stand among Earth and utter annihilation…

But for a way lengthy?

Nothing they are ever confronted has ready them for an onslaught of this value. Not anything they have got ever observed can fit the dimensions of the tragedy and terror which have been unleased. As heroes and villains, gods and monsters are burnt up, just one query continues to be:

What occurs to the Global’s Biggest Heroes if the arena ends?

New York Occasions bestselling author Tom Taylor (Injustice) joins artists Trevor Hairsine (Red Hood and the Outlaws) and Stefano Gaudinao (The Strolling Dead) to unharness an all-new imaginative and prescient of the DC Universe’s darkest hour in DCeased. However be warned: the horror is contagious…

Collects DCeased #1-6 and DCeased: A Excellent Day to Die #1.