A piece of serious private braveness and a literary excursion de drive, this bestseller is Styron’s precise account of his descent right into a crippling and virtually suicidal despair. Styron is in all probability the primary creator to show the whole terror of despair’s psychic panorama, in addition to the illuminating trail to restoration.
In 1985 William Styron fell sufferer to a crippling and virtually suicidal despair, the similar sickness that took the lives of Randall Jarrell, Primo Levi and Virginia Woolf. That Styron survived his descent into insanity is one thing of a miracle. That he manages to show its tortuous development and his eventual restoration with such candor and precision makes Darkness Visible a unprecedented feat of literature, a guide if you want to arouse a surprise of popularity even in the ones readers who’ve been spared the struggling it describes.