Updated and revised Variation of the bestselling information to creating Protection Methods in opposition to the up to date threats to cybersecurity

Key Features

  • Covers the up to date Safety threats and Protection Methods for 2020
  • Introduces ways and skillsets required to habits Danger looking and handle a machine breach
  • Provides new data on Cloud Safety Posture Control, Microsoft Azure Danger Coverage, 0 Consider Community Methods, Country State assaults, the usage of Azure Sentinel as a cloud-based totally SIEM for logging and research, and far more

Book Description

Cybersecurity – Assault and Protection Methods, 2nd Variation is a fully revised new Variation of the bestselling guide, masking the very up to date Safety threats and Protection mechanisms together with an in depth review of Cloud Safety Posture Control (CSPM) and an evaluate of the present Danger panorama, with further center of attention on new IoT threats and cryptomining.

Cybersecurity begins with the fundamentals that businesses want to recognise to deal with a protected posture in opposition to out of doors Danger and layout a strong cybersecurity software. It takes you into the mind-set of a Danger Actor that can assist you higher be mindful the incentive and the stairs of acting a real Assault – the Cybersecurity kill chain. You’re going to achieve arms-on revel in in enforcing cybersecurity the usage of new ways in reconnaissance and chasing a Consumer’s id if you want to assist you uncover how a machine is compromised, and determine after which take advantage of the vulnerabilities for your personal machine.

This guide additionally specializes in Protection Methods to support the protection of a machine. You’re going to additionally uncover in-intensity gear, together with Azure Sentinel, to make sure there are Safety controls in every Community layer, and the way to carry out the restoration means of a compromised machine.

What You’re going to learn

  • The significance of getting a superior basis to your Safety posture
  • Use cyber Safety kill chain to be mindful the Assault Technique
  • Boost your company’s cyber resilience via bettering your Safety insurance policies, hardening your Community, enforcing lively sensors, and leveraging Danger intelligence
  • Utilize the up to date Protection gear, together with Azure Sentinel and 0 Consider Community Technique
  • Identify various kinds of cyberattacks, akin to SQL injection, malware and social engineering threats akin to phishing emails
  • Perform an incident research the usage of Azure Safety Heart and Azure Sentinel
  • Get an in-intensity figuring out of the crisis restoration procedure
  • Understand the way to persistently display Safety and put into effect a vulnerability Control Technique for on-premises and hybrid cloud
  • Learn the way to carry out log research the usage of the cloud to spot suspicious actions, together with logs from Amazon Internet Services and products and Azure

Who this guide is for

For the IT skilled venturing into the IT Safety area, IT pentesters, Safety specialists, or the ones having a look to accomplish moral hacking. Earlier wisdom of penetration checking out is really useful.

Table of Contents

  1. Security Posture
  2. Incident Reaction Process
  3. What is a Cyber Technique?
  4. Understanding the Cybersecurity Kill Chain
  5. Reconnaissance
  6. Compromising the System
  7. Chasing a Consumer’s Identity
  8. Lateral Movement
  9. Privilege Escalation
  10. Security Policy
  11. Network Segmentation
  12. Active Sensors
  13. Threat Intelligence
  14. Investigating an Incident
  15. Recovery Process
  16. Vulnerability Management
  17. Log Analysis