Creality Ender 3 Glass Bed Upgraded, 235x235x4mm

Creality Ender 3 Glass Bed Upgraded, 235x235x4mm Price: $18.99 (as of 11/04/2021 10:30 PST- Details)

No Edge Curling – 2019 new Creality 3D printer glass bed provides stronger adhesion, molds will stick on bed firmly without glue, avoiding the issue of print edges curling.
No-indentation Printing – Upgraded Ender 3 glass plate has a much smaller CREALITY logo than older version, avoiding leaving logo indentations on molds surface during 3D printing.
Excellent Flatness – Improved 3D printer tempered glass plate provides more flat and more smooth build surface than magnetic mat or pei sticker, ensuring high flatness for the bottom of model.


About the Glass Plate Upgraded Model for Creality three-D Printer Platform Heated Bed
1.Appropriate with Creality three-D printer Ender-three, Ender-three Professional, Ender-3X, Ender-five and CR-20, CR-20 Professional.
2.Upgraded Ender 3 Glass Mattress, 4mm thick borosilicate glass, more potent and harder than 3mm thick ones. Hardness of 8 Mohs, warmth resistance as much as 400 ℃.
3.The glass Mattress with extraordinarily top flatness completely solves the problem that the three-D printing platform isn’t flat sufficient. When you have a better requirement for print accuracy, it is suggested to make use of a tumbler plate as a substitute of magnetic mat or pei sheet.
4.Authentic product introduced via emblem Creality, as licensed agent, we offer existence lengthy guaranty.
5.All of our glass plate are examined via the Manufacturer and emblem proprietor Creality to verify product efficiency and protection.
6.Should you to find any problems with merchandise, pls touch us for alternative or refund, we additionally welcome your significant recommendation, too.

Temperature Settings for Other three-D Printer Filaments
PLA: 50-70ºC
Versatile filament: 50-70ºC
ABS: one hundred-125ºC (110ºC is advisable)
PC: one hundred-130ºC (120ºC is advisable)
Nelon: ninety-120ºC (110ºC is advisable)
PP: one hundred-130ºC (one hundred twenty ºC is advisable)
PETG: 50-70ºC

1.Blank with alcohol or acetone whilst it cools all the way down to room temperature, lightly rub the outside, now not shovel or scraper.
2.Because the print has completed, DO NOT take a look at to take away the style from the glass Mattress with pressure. This glass Mattress will have to come all the way down to room temperature for the coating floor to “unencumber” the mould. As a result of forcibly casting off the print from the glass Mattress at top temperature WILL DAMAGE the proprietary floor.
3.For the reason that glass plate is thicker, pls decrease the platform scorching Mattress sooner than any print running to keep away from extruder nozzle scraping the glass Mattress.
4.Please dispose of the plastic movie from the glass sooner than use.
No Side Curling – 2019 new Creality three-D printer glass Mattress supplies more potent adhesion, molds will stick on Mattress firmly with out glue, fending off the problem of print edges curling.
No-indentation Printing – Upgraded Ender 3 glass plate has a way smaller CREALITY brand than older Model, fending off leaving brand indentations on molds floor throughout three-D printing.
Superb Flatness – Progressed three-D printer tempered glass plate supplies extra flat and extra clean construct floor than magnetic mat or pei sticky label, making sure top flatness for the ground of style.
Tremendous Handy – Really easy to take off the style, no equipment wanted; This borosilicate glass Mattress may well be fastened with heart sized clips and wiped clean with alcohol or acetone at room temperature.
Compatibility – The three-D printer portions is acceptable with Creality three-D printers of Ender-three, Ender-three Professional, Ender-3X, Ender-five, CR-20, CR-20 Professional, pls ensure if this tempered glass Mattress Appropriate together with your printer.

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