Make Your Yr Magical!

Harness the ability of the seasons, planets, moon, solar, and your self as you enlarge your horizons and create an bizarre Yr.

With an inspiring mix of illustrations to paint, seasonal spells and rituals, and Per month and weekly calendar pages, in finding your self at the empowering adventure of your individual magical trail.

• Paperback with Usual fifty five# Paper
• To be used with coloured pencils, gel pens, & ballpoint pens simplest.
• Markers or watercolors are NOT recommended
• Published on each side of the page
•Per month calendar spreads
• Weekly making plans pages with coated area for each and every day
• Moon section and moon signal tracking
• A spell for each and every month and a ritual concept for each and every Sabbat
• Numerous magical illustrations to paint and more space for notes
• At hand 6×nine″ measurement