Explore and create expressive palettes and art work with Color Team spirit for Artists.

Watercolor creator, artist, and trainer Ana Victoria Calderon publications you thru choosing, blending, and the usage of color with watercolor and combined media to create probably the most expressive and interesting combos and results for quite a lot of moods and topics. You can discover quite a few topics and subject matters, together with flora, foliage, landscapes, skies, towns, figures, artwork actions, and ancient eras.

  • Begin with a snappy overview of the basics of Colour, Colour blending, and combined media.
  • Explore a number of Colour and media combinations, together with sensible brights, muted neutrals, top-distinction enhances, and unique results.
  • Find proposal in evocative pictures, ample palettes, and lovely art work.

With Colour Team spirit for Artists, every artist, from novice to complex, will probably be impressed to embrace the inventive probabilities of Colour and paint!