CoilMaster Vape Brush Price: $8.95 (as of 28/10/2020 10:26 PST- Details)

The Coil Master Vape Brush is a stainless steel brush made especially for removing deterrents and burnt cotton from your coils
The multi-functional brush brushes away dirt and hot spots from your coil, leaving it gunk-free and unsoiled.
In addition to being a cleaning tool, your Vape Brush doubles as a twisting tool in order to wrap new coils!


The Coil Grasp Vape Brush is a stainless-steel brush made particularly for getting rid of deterrents and burnt cotton out of your coils
The multi-useful brush brushes away dust and sizzling spots out of your coil, leaving it gunk-unfastened and unsoiled.
Along with being a cleansing device, your Vape Brush doubles as a twisting device as a way to wrap new coils!
. Your Coil Grasp Vape Brush will supply precision-cleansing with sufficiently small bristles to get within the greatest cracks of your coils.

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