In contemporary years, a couple of of The united states’s best artwork museums have voluntarily given up their best items of classical artwork to the governments of Italy and Greece. The financial price is anticipated at over part one thousand million bucks. Why might they be moved to such unheard-of generosity? 

The solution lies on the Getty, probably the most international’s richest and such a lot afflicted museums, and scandalous revelations that it were shopping for looted antiquities for many years. Drawing on a trove of private museum data and frank interviews, Felch and Frammolino provide us a fly-on-the-wall account of the internal workings of an international-elegance museum and inform the tale of the Getty’s dealings within the unlawful antiquities industry. The outlandish characters and unhealthy habits may come immediately from the pages of a mystery—the rich recluse founder, the cagey Italian artwork investigator, the playboy curator, the narcissist CEO—however their chilling results on the remainder of the artwork international were all too actual, because the authors display in novelistic element. 

Fast-paced and compelling, Chasing Aphrodite exposes the layer of dust underneath the polished façade of the museum industry.