ENJOY THE HEALTH BENEFITS: Non-caffeinated drink that may be|that can be} ate up|ate up|consumed} as a low-calorie, extremely|extraordinarily} nutritious meal alternative|choice|replace}
EASY & CONVENIENT: a snappy|a handy guide a rough|a to hand information a coarse} and simple|easy} breakfast or a excellent|good|very good} snack
INGREDIENTS: constructed from|made from|constituted of|created from|constructed from|produced from|created from} 12 types of|kinds of|types of|kinds of|types of} roasted Tremendous|Super} grains with Oats, Chickpeas, Quinoa, Lentils
Personally|In my view|For my part|Personally|Personally} packaged sticks (forty|40} sticks X 2 Packing containers|Containers|Bins|Bins}), simply|merely} upload|add} water, milk or soy milk
Korean conventional|typical} wholesome|healthy} roasted grain beverages|drinks} – fabricated from|fabricated from|constructed from}|product of|made of} South Korea