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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dangers to Humanity: AI, U. S, China, Big Tech, Facial Recognition, Drones, Smart Phones, IoT…

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What are the inter-connections among AI, U.S, China, Large Tech and the worlds use of Facial Reputation, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Good Telephones, Good Towns, IoT, VR, Combined Truth, 5G, Robotics, Cybernetics, & Bio-Virtual Social Programming? We can duvet provide, rising and long term threats of Synthetic Intelligence with Large Tech, together with era that can be utilized for assassination or to regulate humanities skill to have unfastened shaped feelings with out AI Bio-Virtual Social Programming. The e book will duvet Cyborgs, Tremendous Intelligence and the way it can shape, and in what tactics it could shuttle undetected thru The AI World Community because it connects with the web and the Human Bio-Virtual Community. Corporations akin to Huawei, Fb, Megvii Face++ and Google will likely be mentioned. Over 50 entities will likely be defined and their interconnection with China. China, thru Huawei is laying the root to installation AI, Machines, Robotics by the use of the 5G Community. They are able to enslave humankind thru an Orwellian Surveillance State.This e book takes you in a easy strategy to have in mind what’s Synthetic Intelligence, and step-by-step, it takes the typical reader thru a procedure to have in mind very tricky ideas in a simplistic manner. Each someone has the similar mind, and comparable capability to get admission to talents to suppose deep, and feature insights that may higher our international, in a protected manner. The AI Group hopes, the typical individual knows the approaching age of AI, Robotics and 5G, and the hazards it poses in addition to the positives. We additionally desire, scientists and large tech take one step again and suppose to innovate AI, in a extra accountable style the usage of an set of rules that takes Each imaginable perspective into account, to guard existence. We can speak about what form of chance control and the parts of this set of rules within the e book, in addition to the cultural sides of AI. This AI e book is supposed to guard humanities hobby, and we are hoping it gets attractiveness from all other folks, might you be liberal, conservative, spiritual, atheist, the federal government, media or only a scientist doing what you cherish.

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