A Map to the Door of No Return is a well timed e book that explores the relevance and nature of identification and belonging in a culturally various and abruptly converting international. It’s an insightful, delicate and poetic e book of discovery.

Drawing on cartography, travels, narratives of adolescence within the Caribbean, trips around the Canadian panorama, African ancestry, histories, politics, philosophies and literature, Dionne Emblem sketches the moving borders of house and country, the relationship to put in Canada and the sector past.

The name, A Map to the Door of No Return, refers to each a spot in creativeness and some degree in historical past — the Heart Passage. The hunt for identification and position has profound which means and resonance in an age of heterogenous identities.

In this exquisitely written and concept-frightening new paintings, Dionne Emblem creates a map of her personal artwork.