Focus, loosen up, and be inventive with the American Signal Language alphabet and this inspirational coloring e book for adults.
This is the ASL variation of a logo-new and distinctive collection of superbly illustrated world Signal language coloring books for adults for plenty of hours of meditation, creativity, and tension aid.

  • 26×2 coloring pages with the ASL guide alphabet.
  • Featuring an enormous number of extremely skilled and complex designs.
  • Two copies of every layout on your comfort and colour experiments.
  • Single-sided designs and clean opposite pages to forestall bleed-thru.
  • A coloring take a look at web page on your favourite pens.
  • American Signal Language alphabet reference chart incorporated (licensed by means of Signal Language professionals – additional information on
  • Link to an extra set of loose ASL alphabet charts optimized for pc printer.

Most of the designs on this e book are slightly problematic.

If this concerns you, we’ve got ready loose coloring take a look at pages on your comfort. Merely cross to, obtain the take a look at pages, print them out on US letter-sized paper, and test in case you like the extent of element earlier than spending any cash at the e book.
Are you searching for a DIFFERENT Signal language alphabet coloring e book?

We have diversifications of this coloring e book with the next alphabets:

  • American Signal Language alphabet (ASL / 26 letters)
  • Irish Signal Language alphabet (ISL / 26 letters)
  • Filipino Signal Language alphabet (FSL / 26 letters)
  • Danish Signal Language alphabet (DSL / 29 letters)
  • New Zealand Signal Language alphabet (NZSL / 26 letters)
  • Australian Signal Language alphabet (AUSLAN / 26 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet (DGS / 31 letters)
  • Österreichisches Fingeralphabet (ÖGS / 30 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet der Schweiz (DSGS / 31 letters)

All guide alphabets had been licensed by means of Signal language professionals.
All guide alphabets are other – a few greater than others. The alphabets aren’t interchangeable!

In training:

  • British Signal Language alphabet
  • Brazilian Signal Language alphabet
  • Mexican Signal Language alphabet
  • and extra …