France has a lot to boast about in terms of its culture, traditions and cuisine. There are some exceptional places of cultural importance that make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

What is the capital city of France

Ile de France – this great nation boasts three times the population of Paris yet it is less than half the size of the capital city. This former French capital can be found on the south east coast of France.

Chateau de la Rochelle – this grand chateau that dates back to 1743 was in turn the home of the famous Queen Marie Antoinette. This city is best known for its spectacular Chateau de la Roche.

Thirteenth century. The city is also an important hunting spot for many of the high land deer species.

A city that can be found on the right bank of the Seine. The city of Marseille is a combination of old and new elements.

More famous landmark of the old world, this city also includes a mixture of the new culture. Marseille is a popular stop for cruise ship passengers to visit.

This city is best known for its rich culture and lively nightlife. Also called the Venice of the Mediterranean, the city is considered as the gateway to the Mediterranean.

This city is linked by two rivers: the river Saale and the river Rhone. The river Seine divides this city in two, in the west you can find the historic Old Town and in the east you can find the trendy Old Quarter.

Marsha III was crowned King of France on May 1374. A very popular and important city in French history, the city is also considered as the Paris of the North.

Located at the center of the country, this city is actually divided into three large territories. The Central Branch was the site of the first parliament of the modern French republic.

The city was also important in the recent past, due to the original founding of the national railway network, as the location of the main station of the network. The city has a great historic importance, mainly due to the fact that it is a departure point for famous heroes and a key stage of the French Revolution.

All in all, if you wish to explore some of the greatest sites in the French capital, it is worth taking a look at the above listed capitals. Not only do they have unique architectural beauty, but they also give a firsthand glimpse of French life and culture.